Michelle F. Read

Students’ perspectives on technology and distraction

Statement "I become more off-task as more technologies are used in class." 33% of students strongly disagree, 42% disagree, 19% agree, and 6% strongly agree.

In this data snippet, we explore how technology integration impacts middle school students’ learning and behavior from the students’ perspectives. The students were asked to provide their level of agreement or disagreement with the following statement: “I become more off-task as more technologies are used in class.”

Two hundred eight students were asked this question at Porter MS. As can be seen, a large portion of students (75%) either disagreed or strongly disagreed that the use of technology causes them to become off-task. A quarter of the students surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that their off-task behavior did increase as more technologies were used.

Students Use of Creative Technologies


Bubble chart showing 78% of students create pictures, 67% share creations online, 70% create video, 60% create audio, and 40% create websites.In our study, middle school students were asked which types of technologies they participated in at home, school or some other location.  The specific technologies they were asked about were divided into four main categories:  Communication, Productivity, Web-based and Creative.  This bubble chart shows that students are creating and sharing with technologies in a variety of ways.