WordCloud: Article on Preservice Teachers’ Technology Development in a Laptop Preparation Program

Here’s a WordCloud representation of a recent article we have written about preservice teachers and their use of technology in their program as well as how they are thinking in terms of their future use of technology as classroom teachers. In academia, there are stringent limits of “publishing” one’s work before release in a journal, and journals consider publication on the web as “already published.” In order to safeguard our ability to publish our work, but also share some of our work in a more timely fashion, we are doing so through the use of wordclouds. This cloud below represents what we wrote in the approximately 6,000 words, including our introduction, literature review, methods, results, and discussion.

if this inspires your interest, feel free to email Joan Hughes (joanh @ austin dot utexas dot edu) for more information or to discuss this in more detail.

Representation of recent manuscript in word cloud