Wait, wait don’t tell me… a live show from UT graduate students (example tech-supported lesson)

I’m sharing one of the lesson activities my students completed in my graduate course, “Teaching and Learning with the Internet” taught in Fall 2010 at The University of Texas at Austin.

The lesson is called Wait, wait, don’t tell me! The Oddly Informative Tech Quiz.  No doubt this will sound familiar as it is built off of the popular NPR show of almost the same name.

I had several goals in mind for this lesson. I wanted students: (a) to realize the range of Internet-based news sources related to education, such as through websites, blogs, twitter feeds, communities, etc. (b) to begin following a few of these sources for at least a few weeks, (c) to engage with the information by participating in a live news quiz show, and (d) to practice podcast development.

The live show occurred on November 2 (election day). Students were responsible for recording the live show in order to then produce the podcast. They used various tools for recording, such as computers, Audacity, digital voice recorders, wireless and wired microphones, and even an iPhone (as a backup – which turned out to be needed!).


Please listen to the live show (34 minutes with 4 episodes – each are about 7 minutes each):


The lesson plan, instructions, and rubric I developed can be found below.